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5 Steps to plan your studies in Quebec

Although Canada has implemented a very favorable reception policy for international students, several administrative procedures remain essential. Here are the five steps recommended by a wise old man with big ears to plan your stay in Padawan with complete peace of mind.

Quebec City is truly an ideal destination for a first student stay abroad. If they are simpler than elsewhere, the administrative procedures remain an obligatory passage. We therefore advise you to familiarize yourself well in advance with the five most essential steps for any foreign student traveling to Quebec, Canada.

An establishment and a program you will choose

Quebec City has about ten higher education establishments grouped within Quebec City Studies in a single network. Each university, Cégep or private college supports you in choosing the program that will best match your professional ambitions. There are no less than 700 programs encompassing numerous fields of activity. Three hundred of these programs exist in the form of courses taught entirely online.

To learn more about each institution and their own curriculum, keep an eye out for the dates when their virtual open days are being held.

At the same time, be aware that financial measures have been put in place to attract international students to Quebec. In the context of vocational, college or university training, one can thus benefit from exemption from tuition fees, or even scholarships for excellence.

An application for admission you will make

Choosing an institution is one thing, getting admitted is another. Carefully examine the conditions relating to each study program and note the deadlines for admission applications followed by registrations. In addition, many differences exist between France and Quebec in terms of school admission processes [LINK TO THE ARTICLE Differences between the admission process and the supervision of students in France and Quebec ].

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In Quebec City, each application for admission is carefully studied in order to reliably judge whether the training chosen really suits you. Each course has its own entry criteria. As in France this time, they can for example be based on your school average or your experience in the field concerned.

Certificate and license you will get

As soon as you receive your letter of admission for a course of more than six months in an institution, you must apply for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) for studies. Go to the website of the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion to complete the application.

Once your CAQ has been validated, it is then necessary to obtain a visa or study permit from the Canadian government. It is required to transmit their biometric data , while the permit application can be issued from the government site .

Health insurance you will take out

Throughout the duration of your studies in Québec, you are required to take out health insurance which will cover, where applicable:

  • prescription drugs
  • medical expenses
  • hospital costs

Some countries have signed a Social Security agreement with Quebec, thus allowing their nationals to be covered by the Quebec health insurance plan when they stay there. This is for example the case of France, Belgium or Luxembourg. As a Frenchman, it is enough to have nationality and social protection in France and to carry out certain administrative procedures, described in detail on the French Health Insurance website .

For others, it is imperative to subscribe to a local private insurance plan, possibly with the help of your future school.


A roof over your head you will find

Quebec offers many student accommodations, fully furnished and for rent by the month, or even by the week. As in France, rentals are governed by a lease, a contract signed between the owner and the tenant. On the other hand, the references requested are much less demanding than in Paris.

If it is easier to prospect once there, it is nevertheless quite possible to find your cozy nest beforehand, from a distance. Your school will guide you to help you find the accommodation that suits you best.

And good news, the prices are really affordable in Quebec City!

Living and studying in Quebec means taking advantage of an exceptional living environment [LINK TO THE ARTICLE Want to study abroad? And if you try the adventure in Quebec? ] where many foreign students are warmly welcomed each year.

Québec Ville Études aims to promote student life in Québec City and is a valuable source of additional information for planning your stay. In addition, you can get in touch directly with partner establishments, where people are responsible for helping you better in these different steps.

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