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How to Leave to Live in The USA: 6 Legal Ways to Immigrate

Moving to the US for permanent residence is not easy. However, there are still several ways. Among them – winning a green card in the lottery, immigrating on a work visa, marrying a citizen of the United States. These are legal ways that residents of Russia, Europe and Africa can use.

Participation in the Green Card Lottery

Every year, the US raffles off 50,000 visas. You can apply from October to November by filling out a form on a special website. After that, you need to wait for the results until May. You can participate annually, but you can play the lottery all your life and never win. However, victory does not guarantee a visa. First, at an interview at the US Embassy, ​​you will have to prove the necessary education, work experience, the availability of money for the first time of residence and a job offer from an employer in America.

Family reunification in the USA

If a resident of Russia, Europe and Africa has a relative – a US citizen, he has the right to receive a green card through a family petition. Permanent residents of the States can apply for immigrant visas for their spouses, parents, children, siblings. It matters who exactly is a citizen of this country who wants to immigrate to the United States. For example, parents, husbands, wives and minor children receive a green card within 6-18 months. And children over 21 years old, brothers and sisters can wait 10-15 years.

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Marriage to a US Citizen

This method entitles you to immigration but does not guarantee a green card. Girls enter the US on a fiancee visa and must marry within three months. After that, they receive the status of conditional permanent residents. After two years, there is an opportunity to petition and be interviewed with their husbands. In this case, you will have to prove the honesty of the marriage. If everything is for love, then the marriage is recognized as valid. Most often, immigrants enter into a fictitious union, which can be exposed both almost immediately and after many years. Even if the couple divorced a long time ago, writes Usa.one.

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Immigration on an H1B work visa

This can be a way for both temporary and permanent residence in the US. A work visa can be obtained by highly qualified specialists who are necessary for the country’s economy and who have an invitation to work from American employers. Most often they are engineers, programmers, scientists. After three years of work, such immigrants can get a green card thanks to an employer who does not want to let go of a valuable person. However, not all so simple. In order for an employer to hire a foreign worker, he must obtain permission from the Federal Employment Service. To do this, it is necessary to prove that there are no suitable candidates among the locals.

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Obtaining political asylum

People who are persecuted in their home country because of religion, race, nationality, orientation, or political opinions may apply for refugee status. A year after receiving it, a foreigner has the opportunity to get a green card. At the same time, there are very few real refugees who are in danger in their homeland. And it is difficult for fictitious ones to provide evidence and collect the necessary materials. In addition, forgery of documents is punishable by deportation from the United States and a life ban on entry.

Having a baby in the USA

An unobvious and long way to immigrate to the USA. If you give birth to a child in the States, he automatically becomes a citizen of this country and in the future can live without problems in the United States, and not in his native country. But parents do not have such benefits. Only when a child turns 21 can they apply to be reunited with their parents. Since these are direct relatives, they will be able to receive a green card within 6-18 months.

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