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Microsoft Research Fellowship in the USA for 2022-2023

Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Research PhD program. Scholarships in the United States for 2022-2023

As technology advances, more and more people are becoming interested in computing. However, it’s not easy to show your talent everywhere. People may think you’re good, but not the best. Also, for many people, getting a PhD in the US is a dream and there are many circumstances that prevent them from doing it. But if you think you have the talent to get it right, a Microsoft Research PhD scholarship in the US is waiting for you in 2022/2023.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship in the US for 2022/2023.

What is the Microsoft Research Doctoral Fellowship?

The Microsoft Research Promotional Fellowship is considered a global program that recognizes and certifies individuals with exemplary talent in the field of computer science research.

Microsoft recognizes the diversity of computing and wants to improve the flow of talent through degrees in computing-related fields to create a strong and robust computing-related research community.

Doctoral scholarships are currently available in the USA, Canada, Asia-Pacific, EMEA, New Zealand, Australia and Latin America.

PhD Scholarship Benefits:

Some of the popular benefits of this Microsoft Research PhD scholarship are explained below:

  • The Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship offers USD 15,000 for conducting dissertation research during the academic year 2022/2023.
  • Qualified candidates will benefit from a 12-week paid internship at MARI (Microsoft Africa Research Institute).
  • Candidates will be entitled to establish a relationship with Microsoft research teams and benefit from appropriate mentoring.
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Criteria for the Microsoft Research PhD scholarship:

If you are interested in demonstrating your talent and receiving the best training from Microsoft experts at Microsoft, make sure you meet the criteria below:

  • Microsoft’s mission is to enable every organization and every person in the world to achieve their full potential. This mission must be supported by academics and they must welcome opportunities to promote inclusive and diverse cultures in communities.
  • Applicants for Microsoft Research PhD scholarships must be enrolled at any university in Africa.
  • Applicants’ proposed research must be closely related to one of the MARI themes listed below:

(i) AI/ML/NLP/data science: data is often distorted and scarce in a variety of useful applications. Understanding how to operate in such contexts and then get positive results has a great influence on various practical problems. This provides a deeper understanding of data learning. From practical applications such as NLP, to interpreting generalisability and fairness of results, to better understanding whether the remaining data can be used for a particular problem, it is important to know how to work effectively with data constraints.

(ii) Health: the development of ML and AI offers us the opportunity to tackle the differences in provision and access to quality healthcare for each individual. It is therefore important to understand and explore the areas where technology can be a boon and bridge the gap, whether it is helping professionals to do their jobs effectively or bridging the gap between patients and services. Technology can improve care and make quality healthcare accessible to all.

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(iii) Sustainability: Microsoft’s commitment to sustainability means using AI and the cloud to change the way we monitor, model and ultimately solve environmental problems. At MARI, analytics and AI are being used to understand and develop solutions to sustainability challenges. If you are enrolled at an African university and pursuing a PhD in AI, ML, statistics or any other related field with a focus on sustainability, you are welcome.

(iv) Human-Computer Interaction: we are looking for HCI interns who are interested in design and usability in the areas of society, sustainability and health. In short, HCI trainees conduct and lead research studies, literature reviews, design interventions and usability studies.

  • Students must enter the second year or more of their PhD program between August 2022 and July 2023 and have considered leave of absence, transfer or other approved arrangements.
  • Doctoral students must still be registered at the university at the start of the 2023 academic year or risk losing their award. If you have to leave the university during this period, this may affect the award.
  • Payment of the prize will be made directly to the university and will be distributed on the basis of university policy. Microsoft has full control of the funds.
  • The funds can only be used during the period in which the recipient is participating in the PhD program. Individuals interested in this scholarship must indicate the month and year in which the doctoral program will begin, as well as the year and month in which the course is expected to be completed.
  • The recipient of the Microsoft Research Doctoral Fellowship must demonstrate discipline; any inappropriate behavior, harassment, prejudice or plagiarism will result in the loss of the fellowship.
  • Doctoral students wishing to submit proposals must be able to speak and write in English.
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If you’re looking to kick-start your PhD career in computer science, the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship is a great opportunity for you. You will also need to comply with the program guidelines and do your best to become a successful candidate, trained by the best experts at Microsoft.

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