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Scholarship and grant programs

Scholarship Program for American Universities.

The US Higher Education Scholarship Program helps reduce the cost of higher education. The scholarship can cover up to 100% of all expenses! These scholarships are designed for children with high academic performance or athletes! Studying is possible on the academic program of your choice from the first year or continuing education for bachelor’s and master’s, and you can also simply take ESL (English as a second language) language courses.

What are scholarships?

Scholarships at US universities are not like the scholarships offered at Russian universities. Nobody is handing over money. They cannot be spent on anything other than paying for the education itself.

Scholarships can be one-time or permanent. One-time scholarships are given when an applicant is enrolled in a university. Permanent are given for the entire period of study at the university (or as long as the student meets the requirements for a scholarship – for example, maintains high academic performance).

Who gives scholarships and grants in the USA?

Scholarships and grants in US universities are issued:

  • The US government;
  • Non-profit organizations (for example, the Fulbright Grant);
  • By American universities themselves (for example, Clark University Scholarship);
  • Local NGOs and foundations that support universities in their state (for example, a scholarship to the University of South Carolina for shooting athletes from the Shooting Federation of South Carolina at the University of South Carolina).

Why are scholarships given at American universities?

Scholarships are given for a variety of achievements and successes that are considered important by the organization that issues these grants. The following types of scholarships can be distinguished:

  • Academic scholarships – given for high academic performance at school / university;
  • Athletic scholarships – given for success in a particular sport;
  • Scholarships for active social work – for example, AAUW International Fellowships in USA for Women is issued to girls and women involved in the promotion and upholding of women’s rights .;
  • Scientific scholarships are given to young scientists for success in research activities.
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Who can apply for a grant or scholarship at US universities?

Obviously, the variety of types of scholarships leads to the fact that the requirements for obtaining them can be very different. Here are some of the requirements for students:

  • Age 16-26 years;
  • Have high academic performance – an average score of 81%, where excellent academic performance is 100%, and all subjects with 4 points (in Russia) is 80% (required for academic scholarships) OR
  • Success in sports such as: tennis, golf, football, basketball.
  • Show leadership qualities – active participation in public life, participation in competitions, exhibitions, speeches, active citizenship, etc.;
  • Pass an English proficiency exam (required for all scholarships – TOEFL iBT with a score of at least 61, or TOEFL pBT with a score of at least 500, or Academic IELTS of at least 5.0.);
  • If the scholarship is for a master’s program, get a bachelor’s degree before that (education outside the USA also counts);
  • If the scholarship is for a PhD, get a master’s degree before that (education outside the USA also counts).
The cost of participation in the program (this is paid separately from visa and immigration support, the cost of which is indicated below)):
  • Undergraduate Academic Scholarship Program: $2,700 .
  • Master’s University Academic Scholarship Program: $2,500 .
  • Collegiate Athletic Scholarship Program: $3,700 .

In case of refusal of a visa for academic programs and in case of not receiving a scholarship, 50% of the cost of our services and the FULL COST of the scholarship program will be refunded. And this means that you have ZERO RISKS of large financial costs. This is a big plus for this program.

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How to apply:

  1. Fill out an application  on website.
  2. Take a language test ($50 value).
  3. Draw up an agreement for a participant in the scholarship program and educational immigration and pay the first part of the cost – 2706 US dollars.
  4. Under the guidance of the coordinator, collect documents for admission.
  5. Upon receipt of confirmation – pay the remaining part of the cost of processing 1804 US dollars.
  6. Collect documents for the embassy.
  7. Pay the cost of education.
  8. Book an air ticket.

Registration can be started at any time, at least 6 months before the expected departure.

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