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Immigration To Canada Tailwind

Canada is a country of wedges and excellent hockey. However, to get here, it is not enough to love these things, you will have to work hard.

You can get a visa in two ways:

  • At any visa support center
  • Canada Immigration Portal.

From this year, you can do without a personal presence, however, it is better to make sure in advance.

Types of visas

1. A temporary visa is a multiple-entry visa for a period of 6 months to 10 years if you…

  • Tourist.
  • Going to visit relatives
  • You are traveling in connection with work, namely business.
  • Want to study there (up to 6 months).
  • Member of the Work and Travel program.
  • Just driving across the country.

2. Want to work in Canada.
3. Student (over 6 months).


  • For one applicant, several different application forms are filled out. For different purposes – different profiles. You can find them on the online portal of the Canadian Ministry.
  • If the application is in electronic form, print it on thick paper.
  • Some applicants will need to submit biometrics (the service is paid – this also includes the amount of the service fee). A list of these persons can be found on the website.

Visa fees are non-refundable consular (depending on the type of visa) and service fees (the same for all). The fee amount needs to be specified. Fees for each applicant for a group trip are paid separately.

Tourist visa

Application form. If a minor enters without parents, an application is filled out on 3 forms (in English or French):

  • Form IMM 5257
  • Form IMM 5707
  • Form IMM 5409 – for those in a civil marriage
  • Passport (copy). The original is asked only if permission is given. All foreign guests need it, even children.
  • Past visas and seals of stay in the country.
  • Two shots 3.5 x 4.5
  • Statement of income and expenses (for the last three to four months).
  • Certificate from the employer in English. or French languages, indicating salary, length of service and vacation period.
  • Document from the place of work of the wife / husband.
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Businessmen serve:

  • Activity registration certificate.
  • Help from the tax .
  • Proof of real business.
  • Booking tickets and hotels.
  • Homecoming guarantee.
  • For a minor – permission to leave from the parents.
  • If the goal is to visit relatives or friends – an invitation from the meeting party.

For super visa (issued for 2 years) – if you are the parents or grandparents of a resident of Canada:

  • An invitation from a child/grandchild living in the country.
  • A document confirming that you are relatives.
  • Bank statement of the child/grandchild.
  • Document confirming legal residence in Canada.
  • Receipt for payment of fees.
  • Permission to process personal information and provide services (in English or French) – if a visa is issued through special centers, a certificate is required for any type of visa.
  • Medical insurance.

When submitting documents, copies are accepted. Translation of references may not be necessary, but the information needs to be clarified.

 Student visa

  • Questionnaire on two forms:
  • Study Permit (in English or French)
  • Questionnaire IMM 5707
  • You may need a copy of the document on admission to the educational institution.
  • Bank statement of income
  • Passport and ID of the child
  • Two shots 3.5 x 4.5
  • Minors (age varies by province) require notarized parental permission to travel.
  • If there are guardians, then the confirmation of guardianship and the signed consent of the guardian are additionally provided.
  • Receipt for payment of fees.
  • Medical insurance.

Transit visa

  • Forms IMM 5257 and IMM 5707.
  • Passport with visa of destination country
  • Two shots 3.5 x 4.5
  • Flight route.

A transit Canadian visa is required for any landing of an aircraft, even a technical one. It is issued free of charge if you register it on the Canada Immigration website. If biometric data is required, then the conditions are the same as for a tourist visa.

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Work Visa

Application form of the applicant on two forms:

  • Work permit (in English or French).
  • Form IMM 5707.
  • Two shots 3.5 x 4.5
  • The passport.
  • An invitation from an organization or employer, where you need to indicate information about them and about the future work of the applicant (contract period, salary, social package.), contract, confirmation of professional skills (diploma), letters of recommendation.
  • Checks for payment of fees.
  • Medical insurance.

The readiness of a visa can only be tracked if the collected documents meet the requirements. If registration is successful, applicants will receive an e-mail message containing a special number. With it, you can see the status of the application on the site, or by calling the number indicated in the message.

Usually the term of consideration of the visa is 15-30 days. Sometimes, this process can take more than a month.

The main reason for refusal is incorrectly collected documents.

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