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Immigrating to Australia is a dream for many people. The quality of lifesafety and beautiful beaches are just some of the factors that make the country a fantastic destination to live and study.

Recognized for the diversity of its population, Australia has immigration programs offered by the government itself, which allows foreign students to apply for temporary or permanent residence visas objectively.

The country also has immigration agents accredited by the government to do all the consulting, planning and monitoring of the visa application process. The STB partners with specialized immigration agents accredited by local governments.

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There are several types and categories of visas. Therefore, there is no specific profile that applies to ensure success in the immigration process. However, some basic prerequisites can make a difference:

• Intermediate/Advanced English.
• Maximum age: 45 years.
• Proof of sufficient income to cover the program-related cost of living and years of initial residency in the country.

In addition to the basic requirements, each visa has corresponding requirements. For example, having a degree and/or academic and professional experience in one of the areas listed in high demand by the Australian government can be a differential for those who want to immigrate.


Among the main categories of visas, studentwork and investor visas stand out. However, it is more common for those interested in immigrating to Australia to adopt the strategy of starting the process through a student visa, as this is a more objective way to start the journey.

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Australia also has a list of the professions that are on the rise in the country. Some areas need professionals in the medium-long term (in sectors that are in rapid growth, for example) and those that need professionals in the short term, that is, that need immediate labor. One option is to search for a course in one of the areas or professions on this list.

It is important to emphasize that immigration is a bureaucratic process regulated by the government. Therefore, the process takes some time and visa rules are subject to change. The accompaniment of a specialized professional can make all the difference in the success of the process.

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Australia has accredited and government-recognized immigration agents who can provide all support and assistance in the immigration process, from initial planning to applying for the corresponding visa with the authorities in Australia.

The STB has a partnership with one of the main Australian immigration agents. Contact one of our consultants for more information.


1. The STB will perform an initial service and filter to verify if the profile of each interested party is within the basic requirements to start this journey;
2. The student will fill in a form with personal information;
3. The immigration company will schedule a meeting to assess the profile and education of the interested party and, based on this assessment, will draw up an academic plan.
4. Payment of the consulting fee is made directly to the immigration company.

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The possibilities and opportunities for Brazilians may vary according to the objectives and qualifications of each one. Below, we separate three possible examples for Brazilian students. All of them emphasize the importance of having an international education specialist to trace the best path for each individual. Check out!

Student A: 25 years old, single, intermediate English, graduated in business administration in Brazil and with 2 years of professional experience.

Path: English course > VET > Masters > Undergraduate visa application after studies > Obtaining work experience during Undergraduate visa > Application for GSM

Student B: 30 years old, single, graduated in IT, 8 years of professional experience, fluent English.

Path: 2-year Master’s > Application for Graduate Visa after studies (2-3 years depending on location) > Application for GSM

Student C: 35 years old, married, with children, graduated in business administration in Brazil, intermediate English, more than ten years of professional experience.

Path: English course > VET of your choice (studying in a regional area may already be an option) > Application for the Undergraduate visa after studies > Gaining professional experience during the Undergraduate visa > Application for GSM (regional visa – 491 across a regional area).

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